AtoZ Seller

Affordable E-Retail Solution that specializes in the Highest Quality E-commerce development , website design , marketing and more.

A2ZSeller software is a complete solution for your retail online selling. It currently includes Amazon integration, eBay Integration and e-commerce for you and Wowcher, GroupOn, and other retail channel integration is on the way. You get free upgrades for life and your online sales starts in less than 1 month. Easy to use and easy to manage system is here for you to increase your revenue, reach and profits.

Features of A2ZSeller :

1) Product Listing
List your products on website, ebay and Amazon at one go without even going to their respective sites. A2Zseller software provides seamless integration with eBay, amazon and your website. What more, you can even schedule your listings.

2) Centralized Inventory
Manage your inventory from our software. Sales happening on any channel i.e. website, amazon or eBay will be synchronized immediately to give you real time stock information.

3) Order Processing System
Manage your orders from our software. You can print real time order report. Software also prints your shipping labels and invoices. With one click you can get access to Order status and know what is happening.

4) CRM and Supplier Area
Manage your customers and suppliers from the software. View all the messages from customers. Create Customer list, send them messages, market new products, create labels etc. Supplier area allows you to place your orders and manage suppliers.