Online Retail Services

Online Retail Services

Gone are the days when a Consumer came to the Sellers Shop and requested for required products and services , this transformation from Physical Store to Virtual Store has provided consumers to make choice in less time and increase in competition in the virtual market from the business point of view.

How can we Help you ?

Our HashRetail Team 100% guarantee you in Designing Developing and Delivering customized platforms in collaboration with the leading Online Stores such as E-Bay , Amazon , Flipkart etc to Sell your Services / Products .

We Integrate with the following renowned E-Retail API's :

  1. EBay
  2. Amazon
  3. Play - Trade
  4. Magento
  5. Google Reseller

Advantage to You ?

  • Increased Presence in the Internet Market.
  • Your Product / Services ¬†reaches to the Million Customers that come to these popular platforms globally.
  • Better Sales and financial growth guaranteed.
  • Low cost marketing , since these platforms are already marketed , you have to only spend a handful of amount to get your products listed on the sites.